Sunday December 10, 2017

Wounded soldiers strike over payment in Juba

Yoal Manyang


JUBA – More than 200 Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) which is the South Sudan National army soldiers wounded in the current South Sudan conflict staged to the street of Juba on Monday demanding three months’ salary payment which they did not receive from the government, wounded soldiers who some was amputated coming from the differences unit of the SPLA has blocked main road from University of Juba to Giada stoning any motorbike and vehicles passing through the roads.Col. Philip Aguer Panyang, SPLA Spokesperson told Upper Nile Times on phone that “some of those who are wounded in the fields, they come from their original units, for instant if somebody is wounded from upper Nile and brought here there is not automatic system where you just transfer the salary to the hospital or the unit in general headquarter here, we don’t have electronic system that is very fast”

“It’s not a simple issue, this is been looked now in general headquarter, the administration and the finance units of the SPLA are working on their issue,” Aguer added.

The wounded soldiers were wounded during the fighting between the government and the rebels that took place on 15 of December last year.

One of the wounded soldiers who cannot be identifying for security reason has accused the government of neglecting them.

Aguer admitted that wounded soldiers were not pays in month, but the government has had trouble finding them to make these payments, but did not specify when the protesting wounded soldiers.

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Yoal Manyang
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