Wednesday December 13, 2017

VP Wani Igga denies offering religious advisory role to Nigerian TB Joshua

Yoal Manyang


JUBA – The office of the Vice President of South Sudan has issued a statement on Thursday denying that vice president James Wani Igga did not hand over any presidential offer to Nigerian religious leader T.B Joshua to be the presidential advisor on religious affairs in South Sudan.

David Mayen Dengdit, Press Secretary in the Office of Vice President said in statement that “some pieces of misinformation which appeared in Juba Monitor Newspaper on Monday March 24 2014, related to H.E James Wani Igga recent official trip to Nigeria where he met with many head of State and Government and also took time to visit well known church which is being visited by people from all corners of the globe were baseless.

“it was alleged in that Citizen article that the Vice President travelled to Nigeria personally and hand presidential offer for a position of presidential advisor on religious affairs to Rev. T.B. Joshua of Nigeria. While there is nothing wrong whatsoever in soliciting advisory service from renowned religious figure , the fact is that information is not only accurate but false” Dengdit said.

He added: “moreover quoting vice president as having saying “the rebels have prophet Ngundeng on their side, now we have T.B. Joshua on ours” was ridiculous. In fact  the vice president did not speak to any religious press as mentioned by Juba monitor, or whatsoever website they copy and paste the article from”


The current rebellion in South Sudan has one and only victims, the people of South Sudan who all long and pray for peace. Thus, it’s expected that news outlets are careful when categorizing the people of South Sudan along religious/spiritual beliefs. Prophet Ngundeng was South Sudanese hero who fought against colonial subjugation. He positively contributed together with many patriots from the valiant Nuer tribe in our protracted struggle for independence. He is thus greater than being categorized as on anyone side he would rather be on the side of peace and reconciliation between all people of South Sudan” Mayen said.


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Yoal Manyang
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