Monday October 23, 2017

SPLMIO officially merged with Johnson Olony Forces

NAIROBI – The leadership of the opposition factions fighting the regime of Salva Kiir have declared to work together as a united faction in their quest to bring about peace in South Sudan.
SPLMIO and Agwelek Forces of Johnson Olony have signed a peace accord today in Nairobi that allow the two groups to work as one.
In a press statement sent to the Upper Nile Times, the merger comes after many weeks of negotiation behind the sidelines to unite the rebels fronts.
Johnson Olony defected from the government more than a month ago after his deputy was killed by the regime soldiers in around Malakal. he has since been fighting alongside the rebels of the SPLMIO and has fully participated in the recent capture of Malakal. but the two groups were just fighting for the same interest and not entirely under the same umbrella until today when the two decided to merger.
Below are the press statements of the groups after the merger.




The SPLMIO put out another statement on the details of the merger between the two factions



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