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SPLM-i-O spokesman accused Juba faction of advancement toward their territories



Saturday, April 4th, 2015

Time: 9:00 AM.


SPLA Spokesperson:

Col. Lony T Ngundeng.

Deputy Spokesperson and Press Assistant secretary:

Dickson Gatluak Jock Nyuot Buoy

Tell: +251940259561


Skype; dickson.gatluak84

SUBJECT: Military Statement   No.6

I hereby informing my great comrades and the local population in the entire country of South Sudan as well as our brave fighters from different battles fields that the government is continueing with its offensive on our position. My OFFICE has learned that the government troop is on move to attack our positions around Tunja  in upper Nile state. The same in Unity, they are trying to move from Capital Bentiu to Unity oil fields as well as  Jonglei, Western Bhar el Ghazal and other places where our forces are. I here to dispute also the alleged report made by the commissioner of Ayot Mr. Buoth  Malual Diew  from the government side on state  owned SSTV, Wednesday  saying  that “the government forces regained the control of the town and flushed out our forces from the main town  and he also lair the media about 25 AK 47 GUNS captured from our forces.

Those are  totally baseless and untrue due to the fact that, he was speaking to the media houses while he was in Mareeng and Pathiang a distance of 7 hours footing. He was trying to boas the moral of their army who are not longer there.

Our gallant forces are still holding the Ayot town since 27th of March up to now and still maintained their position in Ayot and the surroundings.

SPLA-i-O fighter  are doing their level best on the ground  to make sure that the enemy (SPLA – Juba faction) would not get chance again to use the town as strategic war zone against  the local population.

Today my commander General Gabriel Duop Lam who is in charge of the army in the field made it clearly that since they capture the town there was no any reinforcement came from the SPLA Juba. Since government soldiers encounter big losses and lost almost everything,  ammunition in the stores in a big quantity, 7 Toyota land cruisers  as well as two tanks which were found grounded or switch-off during the operation plus 154 of SPLA soldiers  killed in the fighting  made it impossible for them to come back.

However the armies (Juba faction) needs re-organization and learn new tactics for them to have a successful battle in Ayot. Today I would like to assure you that the town is ours and soon you will hear other places under our control instead of Ayot.

What  aim sure of   is  their   infantry force  or  troop  coming  from Juba  to Bor  and Malakal  and then  use vehicles to attack our position  in Ayot  as well as Upper Nile state. This information is already received and we are ready on any attacks for self defense.

This time I can assure you once again that the war is favorable on our side as I said last week. No need to worry compare to last time when the war zone was so difficult because of the dense forest as well as much of water on the grounds. It’s just a matter of time, things will reverse.



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