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Salva Kiir’s Regime races Against Time: The Collapse of South Sudan Government has Arrived

A Sudanese man carries a bed past South Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) national army soldiers patroling the town of Bentiu in 2014. The SPLA said fresh fighting erupted in Bentiu and a town in Jonglei state on Wednesday, March 24, 2015. FILE PHOTO

PAGAK – The clock is ticking for the President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayar, the Gokrial cattle herder is racing against time. Now, the crisis in South Sudan has reached its highest peak thereby the fall of Salva Kiir’s regime has arrived. All the oil fields in Greater Upper Nile State are officially under the Rebel forces of Dr. Riek Machar. The government of Juba regime is currently a dry land without revenue, Salva Kiir is comparable to a useless stone. The genocidal forces are cleared out of Upper Nile region and the greater Upper Nile is offline on operation of loose government forces of Salva Kiir.

Lately, there has been a daily amazing news cast for the SPLM In-Opposition from the new Capital Headquarters, Pagak. The mighty Rebel forces have shut down the source of revenue of the government budget that financially supplies the Juba regime; the Upper Nile State oil fields are no more. According to one of the South Sudanese Political Commentator “it is very astonishing news. The shutdown of the oil companies in Upper Nile is the only solution to end the reign of a hostile regime against her own citizens”.
The News of the Collapse of Juba regime

Meanwhile back in Juba, there is ongoing military confrontation in Juba Bilpam Military Barack between unknown groups. With speculations that the tension is very high with Gen. Paul Malong who had planned a failed coup along with Gen. Kuol Manyang. There are rumors flying that Gen. Paul Malong Awan the current Chief of staff has been detained by Presidential guards after failed coup and Gen. Kuol is on the run while Salva Kiir was away.

Will President Kiir comes back to South Sudan from Rwanda? Well, there are mixed messages about whether the president will return to Juba or not. There are rumours that President Salva Kiir has departed for Rwanda in the pursuit for shelter from the Kigale government.
Where is Gen. Mathew Puljang?

It is the right to turn the page for those being used by Salva Kiir’s regime, yet they are categorized as militia forces. It is very unfortunate that the brave military generals defending the government of Salva Kiir are not recognized as heroes such as Gen. Mathew Puljang and Gen. Johnson Olony. Mathew Puljang with all his military troops has the opportunity in joining the SPLM-In Opposition forces under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar. It is now the best time to join the opposition as Gen. Johnson Olony made a significantly smart move to defect from the government.
Gen. Johnson Gony Beliew on defection move

General Gony Beliew had a phone conversation with the Former Chief of Staff James Hoth Mai that his soldiers refused to face unstoppable forces of Gen. Johnson Olony and Gen. Gabriel Tangenye who captured one of their military base earlier today in Maluth.

Gen. Gony said he was left with only few Nuer soldiers as Dinka soldiers decided to disappear. James Hoth advised Gony to head toward Adar whereby he could seek good hideout without being captured or killed by rebels. James Hoth has clearly stated to Johnson Gony that Salva Kiir’s regime has collapsed so shouldn’t waste no time to keep fighting for nothing. According to James Hoth’s advice to Johnson Gony is looking for alternative of exit strategy.

Now, Gony is walking alone with less than hundreds Nuer soldiers. Gen. Gony confirmed to James Hoth that Maluth was captured because many Dinka soldiers deserted their positions without willing to face enemy. Otherwise, the defections to the rebels will be absolutely the best decision to safe his military men.

Meanwhile the rebel forces reiterated that they are pursuing the government forces toward Paloich and Adar areas. We (rebels) are waiting for the evacuation of China workers according to the rebel’s military spokesperson. Then, our forces will advance into Paloich and Adar main oil fields soon.

The end of Salva Kiir’s regime is currently in the incubation of only two days he said. It is confirmed that Gen. Gony with his military men are on their way toward Adar tonight without knowing that Gen. Koang Chuol Ranley is coming from the other side of Adar. Despite many attempt, the generals in the Headquarter in Bilpam puts a deaf ear into General Gony Biliew’s fate saying Nuers are rebelling anyways. He too should confuse the situation by tricking people to come to his rescue. Nobody would trust Nuers this time.


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