Monday December 11, 2017

President Kiir: Federalism is not viable

President Kiir (Credit: AFP)
Yoal Manyang


JUBA – The president Salva Kiir has announced his opposition to the federalism campaigns currently on airwaves saying it should not be used to divide the internal front of the country.

President Salva Kiir said:  “the issues of federalism that seem to be used by Riek Machar on the pretext to divide our internal front is not viable at all, in fact federalism was a demand of South Sudanese in the past before even of the independence”

Kiir narrated to the parliamentarians that in 1947 South Sudanese demanded federation with the north Sudan, it was not Riek Machar who table it, 1955 before the Torit Mutiny broke out again South Sudanese demanded federalism and nobody among us here was present to debate about the federalism, in 1963 in the round table in Khartoum South Sudanese again was demanding the same federation, the federation was now between the North and the South, it did not happen, the authority in Khartoum did not except it and South Sudanese continue to dwell on the rebellion until today that they are free in their own country”

He added: “now when we talk about federalism, it the people of South Sudan who should decide the sort of governance that they want it’s not event leaders, I cannot do it by decree as president.

“Riek Machar took this opportunity when Equatorian were meeting here in Nyakuron and in the resolution issue of federalism was raise and was adapted there, now by chance I was busy and I have to give him the instruction to go and close the conference, because that was the last day, when he went and saw this resolution on federalism he jump on it and he told Equatorian yeah am with you”

Adding that if that is what people want they does it now and people must talk about it, it not something mechanically that can come out it has to be discuss and we see what it contain, so that should not take as an issue which if it’s not address should divide people, it’s not at all.

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Yoal Manyang
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