Sunday December 10, 2017

Obasanjo in Pagak to meet Machar

GAMBELLA – Former Nigerian strongman and head of African Union Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan conflict, Gen Olusegun Obasanja is on his way to Pagak to meet the leader of the Opposition, Dr Riek Machar. David Dang Kong,SPLM  Deputy head of mission and Representative to Addis baba Ethiopia told this news paper that the head of AU commission  of inquiry, is on the way to pagak to meet the chairman and commander in chief for the SPLM/A in opposition Machar to discuss matters related to resolving the South Sudan crisis.

Speaking to the Upper Nile Times yesterday , Kong said that the former president already left Addis Ababa for Gambella and sooner as he arrives there, he will  go straight to Pagak as scheduled.

His visit came amidst calls by the opposition on the AU commission of inquiry to publish the report  on the human right abuses committed in South Sudan by the two warring parties since the beginning of the conflict.

The deputy head of mission in Ethiopia  declined  to give full deatals  about  his visit and  other main agendas on the table  which the two leaders are going to discuss. Obasanjo was seen to be sympathetic to publishing the report. but the AU Chairman Dr Zuma was said to be the person attempting to shelve the report.

SPLM-I-O denied instigating the fight in Malakal
On the other development,The SPLA/Io spokes person, Col Lony Ngundeng refuted a press release issued Saturday by the IGAD that the fighting in Malakal was started by the Shilluk militia and the SPLM/A-IO.
“This information is not correct, let them again verify their sources otherwise they are depending on unverified sources. It is clear to everyone on the ground that the government is the one who want to clear the town from Gen Olony forces and attacked our position in Doleib Hill which made skirmishes ending up in the town centre because the government troops were pursued,said Col. Lony T Ngundeng

The spokesperson confirmed that their forces are in full control of Malakal town and looking to strengthen the areas around it.



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