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No Travel Ban on SPLM-IO Leader, Says Dr. Machar

Riek machar sitting in his office in Juba

JOHANNESBURG – Source close to Dr. Machar, the Chairman of the SPLM-IO, caught in a gun battle for more than three years, disclosed to the Upper Nile Times that Dr. Machar is right now calling his supporters worldwide that no travel ban has ever been issued for him to travel home.  The “news you are see on the media are all mere propaganda and unsubstantiated. Neither the Ethiopian Authority nor Sudanese Authority have put travel ban on me” the source who uttered Dr. Machar’s message to our correspondence stated.

The alleged news of Dr. Machar’s travel ban has caused too much reaction from the opposition supporters across the world indicating, a travel ban to Dr. Machar will never solve South Sudan problem.  A South Sudanese group based in Ethiopia has stated that “they are confident that the Ethiopian Authority did not change from their position toward resolving this conflict.  As the peace guarantor, the PM of Ethiopia, Mr. Desalegn is still in tag with the peaceful resolution, a call Dr. Machar has been echoing but objected by the Juba Regime.”  This is all that we no and nothing else has ever changed such a genuine call the Chairman has been echoing.  What happens was just a visa issue and the chairman will resolve it in less than a period of time.

On a separate communication with a group of SPLM-IO supporters in Khartoum have utterly indicated to our correspondence that “the chairman is a very well respected person across the world.  Given the importance of his genuine call to peaceful resolution to South Sudan Conflict.  Many people understand what that call means; and therefore, his going home cannot be confused with mere propaganda” they stated.  The group said, “The Chairman has made it clear that nothing has ever happened.  It was because the visa was not properly processed,” said Nyang Chan, a close aide to Dr. Machar based in Khartoum with the same group.

Our correspondence, has finally made a phone call to Chairman in South Africa.  I am informing friends of the movement, and my supporters to not panic as no travel ban was ever curtailed on my coming home.  “I am coming home, and therefore, you should not be panicked about this mere propaganda of Juba” he said.

South Sudan has been rocked by a series of violence conflict for three years.  However, Juba regime is still putting a bold face in finding a sustainable solution to ending the war.

It is now believed that more than 3 million people have been forced to seek refuge in neighboring countries, yet hundreds of thousands of people are still camping in UN Protection of Civilians Sites across the country.

The UN penal of investigator on Genocide watch has strongly warned the world about the spiraling violence arising after the death of the Addis Ababa peace agreement signed by both principals (Dr. Machar & Salva Kiir) after the July attack against and assassination attempt on the life of Dr. Machar.

For South Sudan to realize peace, a robust mechanism is needed, which would allow third party forces’ involvement with a sense of urgency.  The world body to should take a bold step on that to therefore avert the ongoing suffering across South Sudan.  Stay tune!!



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