Monday December 11, 2017

Kiir: UPDF will not Leave South Sudan

President Kiir (Credit: AFP)
Yoal Manyang


Juba -The South Sudan President has reiterated that he will not order Ugandan forces to leave South Sudan , the president made this calls during the 3rd anniversary of the country’s independence.  Mayardit president of South Sudan in his address to the nation during the 3rd anniversary of the country’s independent said that the UPDF will not leave South Sudan until country feel that institution are secure from any attack.
“South Sudan is sovereign State that can reach any agreement with any country, the Ugandan forces that are here should not be seen as negative forces that there is a reason for this forces and so I will not order the Ugandan forces to leave South Sudan until when we are secure and we know that our institution are being protected” Said Kiir. 
“like when I said in Addis Ababa that the people kills in this conflict from both side of government and opposition are all South Sudanese and nobody from you to love that South Sudanese can die in this period we are now living and the second thing I said since is that all these people dying now are the people who brought me to this seat through their ballot during election and I cannot see them dying, whether they are dying from bullet, famine or from diseases all this thing must be arrested” said president Kiir. 
He added that even though forces of Riek Machar are still interested in arm struggle to fight our forces I still renew my calls upon him to accept the logic of peaceful resolution of the conflict and so that we resolve this conflict, while stating that there is nobody who can be insensitive to the call of the everybody in the world, we are all been taken that the two parties are now serious” he added. 
“I still repeat the calls I make last time for the amnesty to all those who take arm against government to put their weapons down and come in and come in to Juba to celebrate with us the 3rd here in Juba, but they have not respond and they did not come and if we don’t stop war our people can finish” he said. 
He added, I still renew my calls for Riek Machar to reconsider his position, even if he think he is militarily very strong and that he can defeat the government forces he must consider that this fighting is costing us, taking a lot of people”
The 3rd anniversary celebration of the country’s independent was anticipated to attract the attention of the eastern African heads of states. But on today’s occassion, only Museveni of Uganda attended.
The Upper Nile Times
Yoal Manyang
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