Monday December 11, 2017

Joseph Nguen Monytuil fall out with President Kiir

JUBA – The highly revered governor of Unity State, Hon Joseph Monytuil had a heated word exchange with the President of the Republic, H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardiit over the security in Juba and daily killings targeting ethnic Nuer ethnic members in Juba.
Monytuil in a heated conversation with the president in a high level meeting on Saturday asked why a group of Nuer who were formerly commando units were ordered by the president to come out from UNMISS compound and ended up killed by Tiger Battalion while waiting to receive their supposed salaries from the government. 
Monytuil asked the president why Tiger Battalion opened fire on unarmed Nuer soldiers whom he invited to receive their dues.  President Kiir refused to give a reason as to why the shooting happened and instead told Monytuil to appreciate how the order was restored in the barracks after the shoot out on Wednesday. 
In the same meeting, Kiir also suggested to disarm all the SPLA soldiers in Juba and entrust the security to presidential guards and Ugandan army. Monytuil objected that and said that doing such a disarmament would mean disarming the SPLA around the country, leaving no one to fight the rebels. 
In the same meeting, Marial Chinuong, the head of the Tiger Battalion encouraged the Nuer group in his unit to find a safe haven to live since his directives composed of primarily Dinka men can’t provide enough security to the Nuer contingents. Since yesterday, most army Nuer officers moved to Garhoth Mai Residence, Bol Kong and that of Monytuil.
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Bith Jonathan

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