Monday December 11, 2017

Jonglei governor decries massacre of Nuer IDPs, calls for investigation

John Kong arriving in Bor (credit: Sudan Tribune)

BOR – The caretaker governor of Jonglei State, Gen. Kong Nyuon described the killing of innocent Nuer civilians at Bor UNMISS camp as barbaric and unfortunate and that it should have been prevented.

Nyuon in a statement seen by the Upper Nile Times said that he made attempts while in Bor to prevent the Youth who were sporadically shooting in the air before heading to UNMISS base.

“I have called the Mayor of Bor and the county commissioner as soon as a I learnt that some youth organised to go to the UNMISS camp with guns and present a petition. They refused to listen to neither the commissioner nor the mayor. We have also tried to organise the security since we heard that they were shooting guns in the air but the security couldn’t come quick enough to stop their advancement.” – Nyuon said.

According to reports among the IDPs, more than 147 are confirmed dead with two 89 of the 200 others in critical condition. 47 were flown to Juba yesterday to receive more treatment there.

Nyuon said, the state government is determined to prosecute the attackers believed to have been a contingent of SPLA troops and armed soldiers from the greater Bor. He promised that “serious crimes like this will not go unpunished”.

In another development, UNMISS soldiers have reported to have been camouflaged and intimidated by SPLA soldiers in UNMISS of Juba. The soldiers according to UNMISS surrounded the compound and demanded that the IDPs come out of the camp since “they are rebels supporters and have rebels in them”.UNMISS told them to back off but refused to go. The UN chief in South Sudan called Salva Kiir this morning to protest the presence of SPLA soldiers outside the camp. Kiir promised to order the soldiers to leave within 2 hours. The dateline has passed since the order was made.

There is a sense of frightening ringing around the IDPs as horrors of Bor UNMISS massacre threatens to repeat itself.


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