Wednesday December 13, 2017

Igga warns Equatorians not to join the rebellion

Speaker of South Sudan’s National Legislative Assembly James Wani Igga addressing a public rally in Bor. [Credit: Gurtong]
Yoal Manyang


JUBA – The South Sudan vice president James Wani Igga has warned the Equatorians not to join rebellion of Riek Machar because of the call for federalism, saying Riek steal the ideas from Equatorian people and he warn them not to run after it.

Hon. James Wani Igga vice president of South Sudan while addressing the Equatoria consultative conference on Saturday 24 of this Month said that “few of you who think that joining Riek Machar rebellion to get the federalism, you are on the wrong side”, adding that Riek Machar steal the idea of federalism from us and we cannot run after it”

“Federalism is for us and nobody is against it, but cannot be said on the street, there should be platform for it to discuss it” Igga said.

Vice president further said “we in Equatoria we want to remain peaceful and we are for peace and we will remain peaceful, there must be a peaceful process of handing over of power through the will of people.

“As we go to Addis Ababa for negotiation next time, those who think having link with Riek is the solution are lies and cannot get support from the ground” he added.

Meanwhile the state Minister of Information of central Equatoria Samuel Soba call out the Journalist after Vice president finish from his presentation and told Journalist not to report anything said by vice president, arguing that what he said was not part of conference.

The minister warning anger the Journalist and decide not to cover the event and termed as sign of censorship practice.


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Yoal Manyang
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