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GOVERNOR DUER TUT: We will not recognize any Governor for the so called Latjor State if not nominated by SPLM/SPLA (IO)

Below is the new year speech by Military Governor Lt General Duer Tut


Speech from Military Governor Lt General Duer Tut Duer on 3rd January 2016 at the SPLM Sobat State Congress in Jikmiir.

State Secretaries, County Commissioners, Youth and Women Leaders,


I am deeply honored to stand before you to day, and would like to welcome you all to this significant gathering; the first SPLM/SPLA State Congress under the theme: Building a Credible Alternative to a Collapsed Political Set-up in the Country.

To start with, allow me to salute the memory of all those innocent civilians who were killed and still being killed by Juba regime since the 16th of December 2013 until to day.

Allow me also to salute the memory of all our fallen heroes and heroines for their courage, their determination and their loyalty to our movement.

Comrades, we are all aware that since 2005 the management of SPLM under Kiir was based on tribes and dictatorship.

Decisions taken outside party structures, there was no will for reform or internal democracy, there was no internal dialogue and no self-criticism.

Tribalism, nepotism and corruption have been the core values of such regime.

Despite all these the 2 years war in South Sudan was not our making, but imposed on us by the System.

So we fought for the last two years to stop the regime from killing South Sudanese People, make use of this war to establish a new Federal South Sudan without tribalism and free of tribalism, without nepotism and free of nepotism, without corruption and free of corruption, South Sudan of socio-economic justice with equal distribution and redistribution of wealth development and chances, a sure just and a modern Nation.

A South Sudan were all citizens live in peace and all of them regardless of their religion, ethnicity, occupation or County or State of origin would be given the opportunity to succeed and chance to shape their own future.

A South Sudan where our policies and actions shall be oriented towards serving the interest of the people, and the interest of the people shall always take precedence over any other considerations, and that we must put the Country and its people over and above personal ambitions.

A South Sudan that remains greater and more important than individual ethnic Communities.

To achieve this objective, we need to be determined, courageous and loyal to our decisions and to our Movement and it’s leadership.

Comrades, it is now more than five months since the signing of the Compromised Peace Agreement in Addis and Juba.

We are sitting here victoriously because we brought peace to South Sudan. If this peace materializes, then we could proudly tell ourselves we made it. We will than go to Juba victoriously knowing that we are perceived by the people of South Sudan as force of change, a credible alternative to the current political set-up in the Country, a force that will make reforms to establish a system of Governance that will match with the new actuality, face the challenges of the new situation and shoulder the mission of building a united, free, peaceful and prosperous South Sudan.

We are to show to the people of South Sudan and the world that we are a real credible alternative to the current political set-up in the Country.

In case of a real peace we shall be than engaged to wage another war, war against diseases, war against poverty, war against illiteracy and war against backwardness.

This war is the most difficult to wage in a Country that lacks basic services, physical infrastructure, food security, health and communication facilities and the difficulty to provide those needs.

But with courage, motivation, and determination and above all because we are South Sudanese sure we will make it.

In case of collapse of the Compromised Peace Agreement, than we will courageously tell the people of South Sudan and the world that we tried to bring peace but Kiir refuses.

Comrades, despite our will for peace, we are observing constant violations of Compromised Peace Agreement by the Regime in Juba.

The latest is the appointment of the 28 Governors and their dispersion to their respective States.

28 States is a flagrant violation of Compromised Peace Agreement by Kiir and the Gang.

The 21 States should not be used as a pretext; they were established before the Compromised Peace Agreement and their live time is related to the dissolution of the 28 States.

Once Kiir dissolved his 28 States and adopt the 10 States as stipulated in the Agreement we will automatically come to 10 States.

We are for peace and not for 28 States; we will not recognize any Governor for Upper Nile or so called Latjor if not nominated by SPLM/SPLA.

We are not for war but ready to defend ourselves.

In conclusion allow me to thank our Chairman and Commander-In- Chief Dr. Riek Machar for having promoted more than 50 Senior Officers from Sobat State ranging from Brigadier Generals to Lieutenant Generals.

I congratulate the newly promoted officers, the white army, the elders the women and our brothers and sisters from diaspora.


The speech was compiled by Secretary for Information Kech Nguoth Tiem .

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