Thursday December 14, 2017

Government forces kidnapped over 200 Children and 38 Teachers for forceful army recruitment in Unity State

Bith Jonathan


BENTIU – The government forces forcefully kidnapped close to 250 school pupils and 38 teachers in Pariang County of and took them to unknown location for possible conscription into SPLA army.

The kidnapping in the area was masterminded yesterday by a brigadier general named Deng Mayiik who instructed his army to raid both Pariang Primary and Secondary schools to recruit children and teachers against their will. The kidnapping is part of a general campaign by the government in Juba to look for new recruits to join SPLA and fight the rebels of the former Vice President, Dr Riek Machar.

The children were kidnapped at gunpoint and forced to get out of classrooms and driven to the bush by the government forces. Teachers and civilian government officials were also forced to leave their professions and recruited as well.

There has been a major effort since yesterday by the parents of the school kids in Pariang demanding their kids to come back but Brigadier General Mayiik refused saying the kidnapped children and teachers will just be incorporated into the army to defend their county and other areas. Mayiik threatened to kill any parent who demands to bring their children back. When the government forces entered the primary and secondary schools compounds and rooms, they fired shots over the air to scare the students and teachers. Some pupils managed to escape.

The government forces also kidnapped some 15 other pupils from an orphanage in Pariang along with their carers.


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Bith Jonathan

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