Monday December 11, 2017

Calm returns to Adar State after two weeks of unrest – SPLM-i-O Minister

SPLM-i-O minister Khor Lengdit (Photo: UNT)

ADAR – Adar state minister of information and mass media of the SPLM-i-O Hon James Khor Chuol Lengdit who was accompanied by state minster of Gender and social development Hon Nyawech Pout, told this news paper yesterday that calm has returned to the area and the situation is normal in North East Upper Nile state also known as Adar.
The report of the calm came when two minsters delegated by the Adar state governor for SPLM-i-O Maj. General Saddam Chayout Manyang to come to Addis Ababa and brief the chair man Dr.Riek Machar about the security situation, as well as the achievement scored in the area by the SPLA -IO forces.
Mangoook payam of Kaijak county was occupied two weeks ago by SPLA – forces of Juba faction who were defeated later on 31 of March in a terrible fighting where the SP LA-IO is now in full control of the area, Mr.Lengdit said.
The delegates briefed the chairman also about the good co-operation between the state government,the state military leadership and the citizen of the state as well as those in abroad and A Africa as a whole.
Adar state citizens in abroad contributing financial resources which are used for repairing of the trucks and buying fuel or gass for the movement as well as shoes for the army ,said Mr. Chuol.

“The leadership in Adar state is calling on the humanitarian organizations as well as the international Red cross to extend their services to the northern part of the state which is affected most by the conflicts.There is no food,medical service and other like” Mrs.Nyawech said.
“as they do in Mai-wut as well as Pagak (southern part of state),we need them also to double their effort to provide the same services in Longechuk county as well as Odier in the North” they added.

The two SPLM-i-O ministers said that the state is fully supportive of the I GAD and African Union led peace talks and the involvement of TRIOKA in order to bring the conflict into a speedy end.

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