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Striving for Change, Striving for Development, What Could Possibly be Done by the South Sudanese People?

Thousands celebrate their country's independence during a ceremony in the capital Juba on July 9, 2011. South Sudan separated from Sudan to become the world's newest and 193rd nation. (Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images)

UNT- The account of joy has padded as the joyous moment made possible by the declaration of the independence on July 9, 2011, has completely gone in vain. The concept we first had has mainly been about obtaining the independence.

But, further beyond what it actually means has already taken a different tool and most corrupt officials have made it clear to southern Sudanese that your looted money should only be used for gluttonous interest.

A right concerned citizen once mentioned in his short article that, what would happen to individuals that surrounded themselves with “troops of children and battalions of wives,” in such a daunting situation. The message was straight forward and none reversible to myself if not to many. This to me, means that corruption has, from day one, been initiated systematically by visionless individuals such as former commanders of our time.

The ongoing strive for change, to many southern Sudanese means; provision of services would spontaneously alter the suffering and the hardship that has long been endured during the bush life. To many southern Sudanese, it seemed like when the independence is achieved a sudden change would inevitably occur, and that southern Sudanese would begin to think realistically, and enable the expected change to prevail.

Sometimes, people blame individuals for reasons. The reason being that, if corruption is something one deserved to be blamed for, it possibly should, and that means it should be used to beat the hell out of such persons whether by press, public political up-rise or justice. But the government failed from top to bottom, which make it always hard to strive for the desired change in a good way. I believe that’s what the infant nation is looking forward to seeing in the near future. The amassed money in the total amount of 4 billion cannot be placed aside like the sorghum saga mismanaged by the visionless individuals within an undefined premises. Their houses are open-door to all the allegations for positive elimination if not regime change by the right groups.

Similarly, striving for development is all along that line. Corruption means nothing than just a crook way of cheating public assets. The ones that prepared themselves for such an unprecedented action would face the high volume pressure. We are for development, and so do they, if each and every one of them thinks of the bush life, the blood of the best comrades serving with the hope that one day, if their service ends in life, they would eventually enjoy. Whether it might have been like kind of a crooked initiative taken into account by such, it doesn’t have to mind the living members, but to take a bold step like what the president has considered. We strive for development!

Lately, I was impressed by the little development we have in juba, the nation’s capital. But, the disclosure of the amassed amount indicates that, we achieved such a little development because the crook officials have been misusing the monies for self-gain. Therefore, the little development we have shouldn’t have been the way it is. It should be more than that. In such a case, if fighting means self-satisfaction, literally, it is always possible that the same amount of pressure given to Arab in the north would still come back and haunt our current crooked elites. I praise salva Kiir, for considering the inappropriate action taken by the corruptists for looting the public funds. But, our request will go back to the president to empower more the Anti-Corruption Commission, to fully bring to trial those crooked, visionless, and selfish individuals who don’t think of southern Sudanese children to have better lives. They deserve trail and will always face the lion’s share in justice.

To the president, our global friends are the watchdog, and are hanging out near you, it is a condition to bring to trail such people; otherwise, the roof is not far from hanging around the baseline closer to your graveyard. We like you, but we don’t like your crooked corruptists.

Long lives south sudan!
Long lives south Sudanese civil society for imposing pressure on our parliamentary members to vote against the corruptists!

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The Failure to Recover Embezzled Funds Squarely Rests With the President

South Sudan – What to Do?

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