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NHIAL K. WICLEEK: The Gogrial Kitchen Table is Crumbling

CALGARY – In the course of my absence from the medium (e.g., where the nation converge; and where the views speak), I have critically become a better consumer of other colleagues of mine with whom sharing views on the net is a common objective.  The purpose of producing views on the net is to educate the public about the internal and external affairs pertinent to social, political, economic, and existential reality of the unknown in South Sudan.  The saying “what goes around comes around” speaks the valium and no question would ever challenge such phrase.

To say the least, colleagues of higher calibers have written numerous articles. In such writing, some brief analyses were produced that would inform the South Sudanese public about the ugliness of social realities out there.  Interestingly, the Gogrial Kitchen Cabinets have missed the point and are on the burst of disintegration.

The crumbling sings began to emerge when the ring leaders took the nation’s decision making task into their own hands.  Here comes Ambros Ring Thiik, a man fighting to have his own bread on a flat, became the second to none when it comes to destroying the Kitchen Table.  The man operates with iron fist, merciless, and too adamant to straightened things along the line of humanity.

The emergent of the bull dog has awakened the Gogrial Kitchen decision makers to rise above the South Sudanese; ponding their chests, we are the rulers, we are the elites, we are the clique, and we are the power engine.  When asked what about President Salva Kiir? Sarcastically, Salva is a stooge, who has no say in things that really matter when it comes to eliminating Nuers.  But he is the president, am I correct? Well your point is not about proving or disapproving, the guy is just a stooge and that’s it.  What about the parliament, where is it? The parliament is here in this Kitchen.  So the parliament is your home boys, strange!

The Dinka Empire

The rises of the Empire began with Dr. John Garang coming to power.  A man perceived to be better yet another disaster, outwitting the international fellow members that he was there for the democratic courses.  One thing the people did not know was that, Dr. Garang was a smart criminal, wearing two hats.  His making, to Dinka became a symbol of hate crime against others, exercising what they called “we are the rulers of South Sudan.”  This perception has damned the situation across South Sudan.  The misperception of his reign to many Dinka was thought to have been heroism, and that none could ever challenge such dictatorial rule. They began to boast their shoulder thinking, if only they could win the war against the north; therefore, they can get away with loin’s share in the South.

Now, knowing that none would ever challenge such power, they began to terrorize the local populations beginning with Gaajaak Nuer in the Northeast corner of Upper Nile, bordering Ethiopia.  Hundreds of thousands were lost, mostly innocent civilians.

The Gaatjaak Massacre: A Tragedy SPLA/M and Ethiopia-Dergue Regime kept Secret

The Falls of the Empire

Unfortunately, a new challenger questioning the misrule came into force.  Although the mission was to rescue South Sudanese from dictatorship tendency in both North and South, the important aspect of it was to reduce Gaajaak’s suffering in the hand of Garang.  What next! John Garang shifted his focus and began to comply with the quest for independence South Sudan echoed by his rival Dr. Riek Machar.  The man was not power hungry as misjudged by many.  Relinquishing power to Dr. Garang in 2002 was a great example, and today the Republic of South Sudan was born.

The Decision Making Kitchen

The Gogrial Kitchen cabinets began to gather after the untimely death of Dr. John Garang with one and only one objective.  This was to eliminate Dr. Riek Machar from the SPLM/A, and from the whole of South Sudan.  The boys together with their uncle (Salva Kiir) began to chant the slogan, “Dr. Riek was a traitor,” and that surfaced very quickly, thinking they have gotten South Sudan and will now rule it without Dr. Riek.  They did not know that Gogrial Kitchen cabinets were also planning to remove them from the true Gogrialists.  What next! The relationship had broken down, and the unprofessional kitchen cabinets were sworn in.  These were: Tilar Ring Deng, Aleu Ayany Aleu, and the other salient known Gangs in the like of Paul Malong Awan and etc.  The question remains as to how could we kill two birds with one stone (Riek Machar, and Garang Boys)? The debate kicked off and raged for a little longer until a solution to handling it was found.  Let kill Riek Machar and cage the boys.  Recruitment of the kitchen’s militia began, and so the December 15, 2013, marked the execution of the policy.  When the target (Dr. Riek Machar) was missed, they then resorted to killing 20, 000 innocent Nuer civilians in just three days.

EDITORIAL: One year on. Remembering the Juba Massacre

The Kingdom of Cannibalism

The worst of all was the forced cannibalism.  Well, Nuer usually says Dinka are cannibals.  Outraged in denial, the Dinka would say we are just being negatively labeled.  They did not know that evidences of such claim were being gathered to prove that they eat people.  Take the example of Rumbek.  If you are a guest, they tell you that beware of dogs, and go to bed as early as possible for no loitering around at night in this city.  Wow!!!! In other States, no such warning is always received from those authorities.  Also, why fed the Nuer with their fellow brothers/sisters’ flesh?

Now, with such action in place, the nation at large begins to question, and so the international community.  Out of curiosity many people have begun to wonder why such an act would be committed against Nuer? That prompted Gogrial Kitchen Cabinets to have begun to divide themselves pointing fingers at each other that it was so and so, not me.  Those are the crumbling signs.  The uncertainty of the coming of the SPLM-IO to Juba is a Nuerophobia by itself, let alone the pending justice around the corner with international community.  Will the Kitchen still remain the same?

The Nation in Tears of Hunger

The roars of the people have been heard.  Many in Juba are actually dying of hunger; some are crying wolves, and only act like scavengers feeding on carcasses.  The meat they were trying to eat alone is already finished and now they resorted to cannibalistic behavior.  GOD saves South Sudan!

The coming of Incarnate Joshua  

The coming of incarnate Joshua, “blessed are they for they shall inherit the earth.”  Judge it yourself and don’t ask me.  The only thing I know is that the Joshua is coming with the advent of SPLM-IO into the capital Juba.  The rotten government is now experiencing the wrath of their action, but always come forth with negative thoughts, thinking it will curb the barriers.

Dear South Sudanese, the coming of Joshua into Juba will be for your own rescue.  The crumbling economy will begin to come back to normal because the economic situation will quickly get improved, the crime will be reduced, the dictator will not coerce people any more, and therefore, the GOGRIAL KITICHEN CABINETS WILL HAVE NO BILL TO PASS.  Should all of us (South Sudanese) not be happier?

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Nhial Korow Wicleek: Is a commentator for The Upper Nile Times. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Canadian University College in Lacombe, Alberta. He is currently doing graduate work in Professional Community Rehabilitation & Disability Studies at University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta. You can reach him for any question/comments at korow1st@yahoo.ca