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KHOR TONGYIK NGUNDENG: Every Human Languages “Fall on Deaf Ears of Juba Regime”

The IGAD has struggled for almost two years to bring peace to the people of South Sudan, but the message of peace “falls on Deaf Ears of Juba Regime”.  Salva kiir’s government demonstrates their frustration and desperation of opposing the Nuer’s return to the government. The government’s objective of committing genocide against the Nuer aims to terrorize them. Dinka considered government was purposely for the Nuer land grabs similar to what had occurred throughout the Equatorian regions. The final impartial reason was a total displacement of the Nuer from the country of South Sudan, but that calculation will never happen in the Nuerland, the Naath Nation.

According to the message from the IGAD; “We have called on the Government of South Sudan to immediately allow these and all invited representatives to travel and participate fully. We appreciate their cooperation in this regard”.  Who call on the government of Salva Kiir’s to allow the opposition to travel outside the country?  Whose cooperation do you appreciate? Salva Kiir’s government cannot listen to your call to allow the opposition to travel to Ethiopia period. How many times Salva Kiir rejects IGAD’s message? Throughout the peace talks which lasted for almost two years in Addis Ababa, Salva Kiir’s government refused IGAD’s approaches.

Yet, Salva Kiir’s regime insisted to continue rejecting the IGAD-Plus sponsored peace negotiated deal. The regime did not listen to the IGAD call to negotiate simply because the officials of the regime are deaf. It is government, which will never cooperate with any global community simply because the regime is an animal style operated government.  The request of IGAD for Salva Kiir’s primitive government to allow the political opposition parties’ leaders to travel to Ethiopia for peace talks “fall on Deaf Ears”.  It was true that Salva Kiir’s government has refused the other political opposition parties’ leaders to travel to Ethiopia in order to participate in the peace talks.

Why? The government of South Sudan rejects peace for the reason that Salva Kiir and Juba thugs feared the verdict of the root causes of the civil war.  The genocide verdict will hold the country’s president responsible for the destruction caused to the people South Sudan nation.  The main fears the justice and accountability of the genocide and atrocities committed in the country.  Well, holding those who have committed atrocities responsible and accountable for the justice to be served is the hardest part of the peace deal that Salva Kiir’s regime worried about.  The Juba regime officials feel defecated under their pants for the coming of peace.

The government of Salva Kiir’s refusal to sign the peace deal aims for more bloodshed and atrocities towards our national citizens. What a shameful to a primitive leader who only look into his dinner meal, but not viewing the sufferings of the national citizens. The Juba regime is eagerly desperate to continue committing more genocides and atrocities in South Sudan.

The government does not trust the tones of the oppositions, the message the opposition parties will convey agreeable to the peace process in Addis Ababa.  Yes, they conveyed the spirits of peace the first time the oppositions attended the initial peace session early last year.   Their passports were confiscated after they returned to Juba after a peace session last year since the opposition parties’ leaders like Dr. Lam Akol and the rest have lived entirely under house arrests and are banned from the flight list of travel.  Since the initial peace talk was transpired shortly after “the Juba genocide” occurred on December 15, 2015.

It is absolutely true that they would not be allowed a travel out of the country since they have shown the signs of accepting peace. But, Salva Kiir does refuse peace to come to the people of South Sudan because of a fear being the perpetuator of committing the December 15, 2015 – the Nuer genocide and the root cause of destructions in the country.  The political parties were totally not allowed to travel to Ethiopia for peace talk since they would be able to speak the truth.  Well, the government does not allow citizens who speak the truth about South Sudan crisis caused by the genocide committed against the Nuer civilians in Juba.  With a determination for political opposition parties to contribute to a peaceful fate of our nation is unacceptable by Kiir’s regime.  The opposition parties would definitely pressure the government to accept any peace deal that ends the bleeding in the country.

The world assumes that the government officials in Juba understand what’s good for the country; but they only know what they can eat for today’s meal.  Everything falls on deaf ears of South Sudan regime with exception of United Nations Security Council threats to impose the arms embargo. Salva Kiir has signed the peace deal through a fear of economic and arms embargo to be imposed by the United Nations Security Council. Will the Juba regime respect and implement the deal?  The document was simply signed; but words spread by the Juba regime claims that the text signed was only a paper.

However, the United Nations Security Council will not back down on South Sudan to impose arms embargo. The International Community has reached into such critical decisions due to the fine research done in understanding the root causes of South Sudan Civil War. The world came to comprehend Salva Kiir’s regime policies of hatred toward other tribes and aggressive actions which led to the genocide of the Nuer in Juba. The country continues bleeding for 20 months of civil war; however peace will not be implemented by the government of South Sudan as long as the Ugandan army guards the regime.  It is a situation whereby the citizens of South Sudan are the perfect enemy of both South Sudan government and Ugandan army. The Uganda army has contributed massively to atrocities, brutal killings (mass gangs rapes, tortures, castration of boys), destruction of properties, massacred, genocide committed around South Sudan by Salva kiir’s military regime.

The primitive regime of Salva Kiir does not understand any human language for discussion. The means of communication to the regime is very limited because the government of Salva Kiir can only understand a sign language which provides options to either answer Yes or No.  The regime does not speak any human language that exists on the globe.  In reality, peace talk is definitely a strange term for the regime. The regime does only listen to the language of guns and comparable to non-humans (wild animal). Categorically, a wild animal could not be able to understand human language, but dogs do understand human language.  Well, dogs are indeed better in understanding humans’ language than Juba regime.  Salva Kiir’s government officials behave in a way very much similar to the aggressive wild animals. More often, Salva Kiir’s regime does ignore Riek Machar’s language of peace, but can never ignore the Nuer White Army language of guns.

The regime has recently declared itself to be a terrorist organization a couple weeks ago.  Well, the government has already terrorized the civilian populations starting with the Juba genocide and followed by massive atrocities throughout the country.  The regime lured the son of the South Sudanese National Hero Gen. Peter Gatdet Yakah who has saved the lives of many innocent citizens by reacting to the government acts of genocide against its own citizens and currently working very hard to lure & murder the Brave Nuer Generals.

Nonetheless, with all the reasons to doubt that will be successful to simply lure the very intelligence Gen. Peter Gatdet be deported to Juba and be easily killed and helplessly like “turtle in the burning fire”.  The primitives’ president Salva Kiir and Chief of Staff Gen. Paul Malong Awan declared their regime a comparable to Al-Qa’edah of Middle East, Boko Haram of Nigeria, ISIS of Iraq & Syria, and Al Shabaab of Somalia. What else does the declaration of terrorist organization will do?  The government of Salva kiir is already a terrorist organization with a purpose of targeting innocent civilians including women, children, and the elderly.  It would be a great celebration for the government to have luck to lure and murder the Nuer Generals such as Gen. Peter Gatdet, Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth, Gen. Chuol Gakah, and Gen. Gabriel Tang.  These generals are the most wanted people from the regime of Salva Kiir; we hope they don’t easily surrender themselves hopelessly since they are valuable & heroes of our society.  The regime has already genocide enough innocent civilian populations and made destructions to the nation of South Sudan.

This crisis started by Salva Kiir’s government as “a deliberated genocide against the Nuer” which later escalated into a disastrous violence in the country.  The Nuer genocide was the original cause of the ongoing civil war created by the South Sudanese government.  The Ugandan military intervention continues to be the machine for atrocities in South Sudan. The Uganda army has repeatedly used a United Nations banned weapons the “cluster bombs” throughout the South Sudanese war.

It is almost now two years of committing atrocities prolonged by the presents of Ugandan army in the nation of South Sudan. The Ugandan military intervention aims in deepening the level of genocide for the last 20 months in South Sudan instead of bringing a solution to the crisis. Initially, military intervention often aims to rescue the victims of the atrocities, but the Ugandan army’s objective is intended to kill more innocent civilian populations.

In conclusion, the writer outlined all the reasons why the genocidal regime of Juba opposes the peace deal. The Ugandan military intervention has helped in the worsening the situation in committing the brutal killing and raping the women, children, and elderly civilian populations. So long the Ugandan military remain in South Sudan; the regime of Salva Kiir will not respect a peace deal signed. The Juba regime should not worry while the Ugandan army is still protecting their fragile butts. Their butts could only be covered by the Uganda army protection; otherwise without the Ugandan army presents, Salva Kiir’s regime would be begging peace from the day one of peace talks. Salva Kiir’s regime did not allow the opposition to travel to Ethiopia in order to participate in the peace talks to speak the truth.

The writer made it clear that the primitive government does not speak the South Sudanese languages. It is true that the government does not listen to any human language except the Ugandan army that is currently protecting their anus. Besides, the Ugandan Army; the regime listened to the Nuer White Army.  Whenever the regime attacks the Nuer White Army territory, the South Sudanese army runs like goats that have seen lions. The world has learned the terrorist behaviors of Salva Kiir’s government from the 20 months of committing genocide and civil war.

Khor Tongyik Ngundeng is a South Sudanese Citizen living in Washington DC, USA and a Human Rights Advocate and Diplomatic Strategist and can be reached at:

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