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Hungry Causes by Food Shortage in Sobat State, South Sudan

Press Release

To: UNWFP & Co

I am writing this Note with serious concern about food distribution to IDPS in Sobat State. It has been almost six months now with out food ration in many areas in Sobat State.

I call up on UNWFP in South Sudan and it partners to urgently airdrop food or send food through river to the areas, which did not, received food since the beginning of March 2015.

The Payam, which did received the food supply from Ulang County namely Nyangore Payam, Barmach Payam, Malow County, Kewar County, Thorow County, Wanding County, Yomding County and Nasir County.

According to UNWFP, any distribution to Internally Displaced People’s or personal, the distribution should have been done on monthly basis.

We urge the WFP to deliver the services to the people affected due to lack of food.
For more details, please call me on this Thuraya: +8821669979501



Dukhan jundit Lual is an acting Secretary for information and Media,
Sobat State.
He can be contact @ junditlual@gmail.com

Dukhan Jundit Lual

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