Tuesday December 12, 2017

DONG LUAK: Gach Yoach, Self-styled Militia Commander is Illiterate and a Materialist of the Highest Degree

Credit: Dong Luak

NAIROBI – He was commissioned with the rank of Brigadier by SAF in 2004. He was more notorious and murderous. He established a Kangaroo Court at his residence in Omdurman. He was arresting, torturing South Sudanese to death in Khartoum. He used to lock people in a windowless container.

Most of these people used to die of suffocation from carbon monoxide which the militia commander did not know because he was bent on wealth creation. He was doing that for money. He even killed a Sudanese police Colonel and cowardly ran to GOSH, a sub branch office of the Sudan Military intelligence responsible for all the militias hostile to the SPLM/A.

Who is he today to say Dr. Riek Machar is a killer? He defected to the government alone with his wife just other defectors. He was integrated, absorbed and commissioned to the rank of Lt. General by President Kiir. He was lying that he was a supplier of weapons to all the commanders in Khartoum, unbelievable! How did he communicate with the Arabs to secure arms.

He doesn’t know Arabic. Many people whose relatives were killed by Gach Yoach will open a case against him one day. He is just tarnishing the image of Dr. Riek Machar. The government should now start to tie down their dogs because Dr. Riek Machar is a FVP of the Republic of South Sudan.

Militia Gach Yoach and the like minded should be disciplined by those responsible for them. What is mind boggling is that he is said to be a Deputy Director of information meaning he is deputising a Brigadier.

SPLA system reversed. A Lt. Gen assigned a deputy director to the brigadier.That explains that he is indeed a valueless Militia General. Most of the South Sudanese who died in the containers in omdurman block 17 were slain by Gach Yoach.

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