Monday December 11, 2017

Warring parties disagree on demilitarisation of Juba and other towns


ADDIS ABABA – The two warring parties of the South Sudanese conflict continue to disagree on the security arrangement matter for the second day in a row as the rebels demand (in line with IGAD document) that Juba should be demilitarised.

According to an official from the Opposition faction lead by the former Vice President, the Juba faction rejected demilitarization of Juba and other major towns saying any administration in charge there would be exposed. The regime in particular is concerned with Juba being the seat of the would be government of National Unity. They said that foreign forces shouldn’t be allowed to control Juba and in doing that constitute “squandering of the country’s sovereignty to foreigners”


The Juba delegation also refused the issue of two separate armies within the 18 months of transition period which they said is a regime change plan by the international bodies. The IGAD PLUS however told the representatives to write their views and submit them to the IGAD to look at.

IGAD warned that there will be ways to deal with such cases if the two parties failed to reach an agreement.

The security arrangenment which seemed to be the toughest part is done as of Yesterday and the IGAD suggested warring parties should submit their suggestions in areas of disagreement.

The next article of the document to be discussed is the judicial system in the upcoming transitional government in the country.


Tekle Mariam

A Senior news correspondent for The Upper Nile Times based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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