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UN blames Salva Kiir forces for the brutal execution of 114 unarmed civilians in Yei

GENEVA – The United Nations Human Rights division squarely blamed the regime of Salva Kiir for coordinating attacks on civilian population in Yei in a new report released today. The report correlated investigative findings in the area of Yei between July 2016 to January 2017.

The killings according to the report exposes systematic execution of unarmed civilians at homes, burning of houses with occupants inside, indiscriminate  and targeted killings, widespread looting of civilians belongings. There was also organised rape on young girls and women fleeing the scene. The killing “executed through the directives of high ranking officers in Juba with the knowledge of Salva Kiir” was done to as a punishment “to anyone sympathetic to rebels or the community with known elements of rebels”. in just a short 2 days of campaign, 114 people were killed, according to the report. The report also addressed indiscriminate arrest, disappearance of eminent local figures and forced displacement which they say was made possible by a continued pursuit of the former Vice President, Dr Riek Machar.

The report however said didn’t find any evidences to suggest that the Opposition forces also contributed to the killing of civilians of Yei. The right group however alluded this to inaccessibility of the rebel occupied areas of Yei.

The report documents “The profound human suffering caused by the ongoing conflict and the exploitation of local and ethnic divisions for political ends”




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