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UK Royal jet C -130 is not an invasion force – UN

UK Royal jet landed in Juba (Photo: UNMISS)

JUBA – Royal soldiers who accompanied the super jumbo UK Royal aircraft C-130 have denied that the aircraft is “part of the destablising campaign against Juba” as feared by some quarters of the Juba regime.
The aircraft jetted in to Juba on 31st of March from UK as part of UK Royal forces’ humanitarian contribution to the UN, in order to conduct flights from Juba to Upper Nile and conflict affected areas of Unity State and Jonglei. But some regime sympathisers feared that the jet is a secret plan to transport ammunitions for rebels or for later reengagement by UK if they are to take part in imposing peace to South Sudan and dethrone Salva Kiir.

Royal aircraft (Photo: UNMISS)

The UK soldiers categorically denied the allegations saying the aircraft will be used for short term food and other logistics drops and pick ups in severely affected locations around the country.

“There is nothing like that. We have been approached by the UN to provide flights in volatile areas in South Sudan. Mostly those places hardly reachable by UN lighter aircrafts. We have no aim to destablise anything. we are just here for humanitarian purpose and that will be for a short time”, a Royal infantry officer told the Upper Nile Times.



staffs of UK royal aircraft exiting the jumbo jet (photo: UNMISS)

So far, the aircraft has only made 3 flights around the country with more logistics distribution expected this month and the next two months as roads become inaccessible due to seasonal rains.



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