Tuesday December 12, 2017

Tribally motivated deadly clashes between local youths and SPLA leaves 4 dead in Yambio

YAMBIO – A deadly clash erupted yesterday morning between local youths of Western Equatoria State and SPLA army identified as recent trainees of the militia Mathiang Anyor in Birisi Boma of WES.

The fighting happened when the SPLA units (mostly Dinka) went on a purge and attempted to arrest local youths in Birisi village. The youths refused the arrest considering it as tribally charged. The SPLA opened fire on the crowded youths killing one on spot. The local youths responded in kind with few rifles in hand killing two militias and wounding one. The militas were advised to return to the baracks by the local unit commander.



Late afternoon yesterday, the militias and SPLA officers came back and retaliated randomly shooting at Boda Boda riders. Two Boda Boda riders died in the scene with another sustaining serious injuries.

The situation has so far returned to normalcy as the governor of the state intervened and alerted the SPLA headquarter in Juba.

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