Tuesday December 12, 2017

They all went and came back during the war. Gen Thomas Cirilo will still come back – Kiir

JUBA – An angry looking President Kiir on Sunday accused other tribes in South Sudan especially their leaders of not participating in the war to liberate South Sudan and instead involve in “running from Jalaba and to SPLA and back” and vice versa. Kiir in a meeting with groups of Jieng Council of elders and his top advisors at his residence on the recent resignation of Gen Thomas Cirilo Swaka the deputy chief of staff for logistics told the gathering that he is not disturbed by the resignation of Cirilo.

“…It’s not a new thing. Thomas came to us from Jalaba in 1990s while we were fighting the Arab for the liberation of South Sudan. in fact he was station around Juba by the arabs to fight his brothers. He has a similar story like Dr Riek. I don’t think he will last long. he will come back like they always come” -Kiir said.

Kiir added that “he will do everything he can to fight those who switches sides easily during hard times”

“There are communities who didn’t fight the war. some were hiding in Ethiopia others were hiding in Congo and Uganda when the rest of us were fighting Jalaba. and when they know that we are winning, they came.” – he added.

Kiir’s comment adds to a bitterly divided South Sudan were communities especially in equatoria and Upper Nile are accusing the president of using divisive tactics to keep his Dinka community with him for a tribal war.



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