Monday December 11, 2017

There is Samaritan in Every Age

CALGARY – Nyarietni Pal Thokbuom, has done an exceptional work, donating for charity to South Sudanese in needs across the South Sudan. Nyarietni has silently felt the heat of a growing manmade catastrophic, causing humanitarian disaster in her parents’ home origin. Born in Canada, and under the age of three, she then defines herself as a contributing factor who could change the course of the growing suffering.

Seeing her mother Nyamuol Gatkuoth and her father Pal Thokbuom donating for the same cause, she then decided to ask for a pair share to donate without telling her parents why she had to ask for a spare change. Her mother responded in kind and gave Nyarietni the opportunity of giving in her donations to support the humanitarian works across South Sudan.

When Nyarietni advanced toward the donating box, a person in charge was caught in limbo not knowing what word she would say. She thought that Nyarietni was just a passerby child who was just playing with $20.00CD she got from her parents. The fact of the matter broke into open as Nyarietni began to talk about why she was there with such change. “This money is for donation to your charitable work” she said. The person in charge did not pay attention to Nyarietni when she said this. Learning that her message did not go across, she then maintained her ground and repeated herself to the person receiving donations. Now, she said aunt “this money goes to your work”

Watching still, the master of ceremony took three steps toward Nyarietni, cheering and appreciating the work Nyarietni was doing. Who could have thought that a three years old girl would have done a magnificent job like Nyarietni had done? Because we all have a love for helping, Nyarietni became a Good Samaritan, and a glimmer of hope to the destitute walking with hungry stomachs throughout South Sudan. She is also a symbol of hope and courage to many South Sudanese who are stunned emotionally and drag into hopelessness for seeing their nascent nation reverting back to old memories of war.

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