Wednesday December 13, 2017

The U.N. Security Council Voted Unanimously Extending South Sudan Peacekeeping

The U.N. Resolution Authorized the About 14,000-member United Nations Mission in South Sudan expressing “grave alarm about the further deteriorating political, security and humanitarian crisis” in South Sudan.

Tuesday’s vote was unanimously to extend its peacekeeping mission in South Sudan, where a nearly year-old civil war that killed thousands of civilians, sent nearly 100,000 civilians fleeing to UNMISS bases around the country; and displacing more than 1.5 million people and placed more than 7 million at risk of hunger and disease.

The Council authorized UNMISS to use “all necessary means” to protect civilians, monitor and investigate human rights, create the conditions for delivery of humanitarian assistance, and support the implementation of the cessation of hostilities agreement.

The resolution also calls upon the Government of South Sudan to ensure freedom of movement for internally displaced persons, including those leaving and entering protection of civilian sites, and to continue to support UNMISS by allocating land for such sites.

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