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The SPLM-IO Advance Team has finally Arrived

JUBA – On the eve of December 21, 2015, General Taban Deng along with 149 advance team has finally touched down at Juba International Airport at 7:30pm evening time.  General Deng, the Chief Negotiator who is also the leader of the Advance Team has addressed the people of South Sudan, expressing his gratitude with lots of assurance about the end of the war.  On the SSTV today this evening, General Taban assured the South Sudanese all over across the world that the beginning of the end of this destructive war has come.  Therefore, he appeals to the people of South Sudan to embrace this peace fully.

General Taban expressed the importance of this peace for the reconstruction of South Sudan ensuring that South Sudan is a dark continent whereby only a bush light could be seen from the above.  In order for it to move pass such darkness, implementation of this peace must be given full priority.  General Taban also expressed the readiness of the team to dispatch members of the IO to visit the ten States for the full assurance of the people of South Sudan that peace has come.

As a receiver of the Advance Team, Deng Athorbie, the Finance Minister welcomed the team with full gratitude indicating their coming to Juba, brings about the end of war.  Also, at the press was Akol Kurdit, the spokesperson at the eve of reception called for unity, peace, and a prosperous South Sudan beginning with the arrival of the advance team to Juba.  Mr. Kur highlighted the importance of the implementation process to ensure that a just peace is prioritized.  He, therefore, appeals to the people of South Sudan to back this important peace with open harms, assuring that the decision is to them to decide what kind of country and governance they would want to have in 30 months transitional period.

General Taban led the team to pass by John Garang mausoleum to register their warm arrival as sign of honoring the late Chairman of the SPLM, who was the first Vice President of the Sudan and as well the first President of South Sudan before proceeding to their final accommodation place.  When asked when is the Chiarman of the SPLM, Dr. Riek Machar coming to Juba because that will be the end of the war? General Taban reiterated his position saying his arrival to Juba marked the beginning of the end of the war.  He, therefore, said to the people of South Sudan at the press that Dr. Machar will come to Juba in January after the arrival of the whole team of 609 to Juba.

The violence has claimed more than hundreds of thousands people, 2.2 million displaced to neighboring countries and hundreds of thousands trapped in the UN camps.


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