Tuesday December 12, 2017

The Upper Nile State kicks off sport event



MALAKAL – The governor’s office has officially launched the sport event today in the capital of Upper Nile State. Governor Simon Puoch said, “the program will benefit the state and its citizens, particularly Youths.” The Upper Nile State is one of the ten states of the newly independent country (South Sudan).
Puoch’s administration is promoting sport and culture in the Upper Nile State and its surrounding Counties. The aim is to promote love and peace in the community.
Last year, the Maiwut Commissioner Gatluak Diew launched a project to build Maiwut Football Stadium in Maiwut. Maiwut citizen pleased the move, and Diew said, “ since Youths make up 75% of the population, they are the future of our new nation.”  
After the event, the governor went to visit Sudan’s People Liberation Movement- Democratic Change (SPLM-DC) soldiers who were captured by Sudan’s People Liberation Army (SPLA) forces in near Panykank Country where both forces clashed. 
SPLM-DC leader Dr. Lam Akol had been away from South Sudan since the independence of South Sudan before President Kiir, the SPLA leader convinced him to come and joint the new nation. Dr. Lam Akol, the former Foreign Affair Minister and now the leader of opposition leader was part of SPLA/SPLM inner circle during the civil war between North and South but defected from the party in 2010 due to the bitterness accusations between him and some of SPLM part inner circle. 
Another SPLM inner-circle George Athor, who defected from SPLA due to ugly contest between him and the current Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk for Jonglie State gubernatorial race on April 2010, issued a statement two weeks ago promised a bloody war in South Sudan after talks failed with President Kiir.
The Governor also attended ST Lowanga Elementary School parent meeting before heading back to his residence. He was welcomed with excitement and jubilation by the students and school administrations. 
The governor said, the administration is working hard to build a road to the ST Lowanga Elementary School so that our children will have an easy access to school. Governor Puoch affirmed the parents that SPLA forces are closely monitoring the South-Sudan border.
The Upper Nile Times

Philip Gual

An Upper Nile State correspondent for The Upper Nile Times. He currently resides in Malakal, Upper Nile State.

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