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S. Sudan soccer team to participate in Saskatoon World Cup – Soccer Tournament

Saskatoon, CANADA – The Saskatoon World Cup soccer tournament is a celebration of diversity and cultures as well as an opportunity for local soccer players to showcase their talents on the field. While the tournament is competitive in nature, you see a sense of camaraderie and respect among the players as many of them play on same teams within the Saskatoon league. However, once on the field, it’s each country for itself and pride is on the line.

The Saskatoon World Cup definitely displays how diverse and rich in culture Saskatoon really is, given most of the team members live here in Saskatoon. Some players do come from other provinces/cities to help fill the rosters.

Tomorrow the 6th annual Saskatoon World Cup will be kicks off. It will be held from May 15 – 18th at the Sasktel Sports Centre. This year’s Tournament will feature 28 Men’s team, 6 Women’s, 8 -U14 Boys and 5 -U12 Boys teams.

Daily Pass- $5 Weekend Pass – $10 Free Admission for children under 15

South Sudan team has been admitted to the Saskatoon World Cup soccer since 2012 but this year, the team has a promising to win the Gold medal due the new talented players on the team.

Saskatoon Community has been supporting the club championship for more than 6 years running. This year’s competition will see a staggering some amount of money for the potential championship winner.

1st Quarter

Friday 15th May 2015
South Sudan v Ireland

Saturday 16th May 2015
South Sudan v Columbia

Sunday 17th May 2015
South Sudan v China

Therefore if South Sudan wins all three games, their team will advance to the 2nd Quarter


1. Chanda Chanda: M
2. George Leberio: M
3. Yohanna Tale: M
4. Kharban Youde: D & W
5. Jada Basta: D
6. Stephen Weyo: S
7. Thonattan Cordaba: MC
8. Steven Bohron: G
9. Omer Omana: S
10. Richard Leberio: D
11. Thomas Youde: Assistance Coach
12. Jeremiah Butros: M
13. Kabir Salisu: M
14. Lorot Micheal: M
15. Dayne Peterson: G
16. Micheal Youde: D & W
17. Tong Lual Wol: M – From Calgary, AB
18. Mat Arok: CM – From Calgary, AB
19. Kual Yor: CM – From Calgary, AB
20. Musa Youde: W
21. Isaac Wani: M

The Head Coach / Manager is Amoda Khalko


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