Tuesday December 12, 2017

Seriously injured El Salaam FC of South Sudan wave goodbye to Kagame tournament

Dar es Salaam– The only participant of the Kagame East African club tournament for South Sudan, the Al Salaam FC of Wau have endured a gruesome campaign after losing a 7-1 encounter with APR of Rwanda in the opening rounds and 5-0 demolition by Atletico of Burundi last week in what should have been their litmus test of professional football after the country emerged from a two decade civil war.
Wau’s participation at the East Africa’s prestigious tournament is not a memorable one in the history of the club because it ended up and started so brutally and without memoirs due to the players’ lack of experience with the competitions. The club stood as a better option to other South Sudanese clubs around the country but the moment it went down as the worst club in the Kagame tournament has raised too many eyebrows. 
However, coach Sebit Chol remained too optimistic, saying the players and the public should use the tournament as a way of experience rather than an opportunity to win or gain from the challenge. He said that most players come from police force and are transforming to be world class players and that the tournament serves as an exposure to showcase the boys’ talent. 
Chol and his Al Salaam FC flew back to Juba on friday in what went down as the worst experience a South Sudanese side experienced in an East AFrican tournament.
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