Sunday December 10, 2017

New FIFA ranking put South Sudan at 199th in the world

UNT – The South Sudan national team has been ranked by International football body, the FIFA for the first time since entering the global body as its 209th member in May. beating 7 other countries in the pecking order, South Sudan has been placed at 199th in the world in a 206 member table. 
The other big gainer in the ladder’s summit is England whom are currently at number 3 in the world, their best-ever ranking position in the world. Spain remained the world’s best team on top of the ladder followed by Germany.
 The best African team so far on the ladder has been Ivory Coast, which hasn’t changed since the last ranking.
The Fifa world rankings are compiled every month, with ranking points accumulated according to results, the importance of the matches played and the strength of opposing teams. The next ranking is expected to be compiled in September after international friendlies in August, and South Sudan team is more likely going to drop points given that there is no international friendly in their schedule at present.
South Sudan played Uganda on July 10 in Juba this year, earning them 20 ranking points in the process and securing them a place in the ranking dominated by European football powerhouses. The game in Juba versus Ugandans was organised as a part of first anniversary of independence. the two teams drew 2-2 in what seemed to have been an epic battle. Uganda is currently 88th in the world, moving 3 places down the ladder. 
Coached by a well established European professional in Serbian Zoran Djordjevic, the national team is only composed of local players and few players who previously played in North Sudan football competitions. There are no South Sudanese players flying their trades overseas like other African national teams given that the country gained independent about a year ago, after a bloody civil war with regime in Khartoum. 
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