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South Sudan Teens are heading to Tanzania for East Africa Tournament

JUBA- Africa ‘s newest nation, the Republic of South Sudan will be declaring as a country in July 09 2011 while the girls’ team from South Sudan is heading to Tanzania for their first tournament in South Sudan history.
The team will be competing with other East Africa Nation.  Is this team of teens ready to bring the cup home, as their nation is ready to declare their independency on July 09?  Most of the political deadlock between north and south will be solved by July 09 but Abyie will remained as a headache to many Southerners since Northern is claiming that Abyie is their territory. However, no one would not guess the political motivation behind the Abyie issues. It is another way for North’s addiction to the oil.
The team members are very exciting, since they have never been outside South Sudan. They are ready to meet the challenges and new people outside of their country.
Their goalkeeper Harriet Dawa said, “I felt really exhausted from the journey, but I have no regrets because this tournament will help me learn so much from other participants. Also, I’ve already made many friends here”. One of the main objectives of East Africa Tournament is to bring the youth together and learn various cultural backgrounds.
Another sense of normality of this East Africa Tournament aim is a especial for the delegation from South Sudan, a region “having been in an environment of conflict for more than 20 years”, according to Modi Enosa Mbaraza, executive director of the Young Women Christian Association.
The Upper Nile Times
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