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SPLMIO’s advance team expected to be back in Pagak on Tuesday as Kiir accused the IO of running away

JUBA – The South Sudan’s SPLM in Opposition chief Negotiator, General Taban Deng Gai disclosed on Saturday that his group of advance team leaders currently in the capital Juba are set to return to Pagak on Tuesday (tomorrow) to consult with the rebels leadership on how to go about the implementation of the peace agreement after the IGAD-sponsored peace hit a snag over the 28 states decree.
Gai wrote to the peace sponsors and particularly the UNMISS to facilitate the movement and transport of the leading team.
“Yes we have asked the UNMISS through our discussion last week to facilitate our going to Pagak and our coming back to Juba as well. Our lead teams were called back by the leadership there to consult on ways forward for peace agreement and so as to discuss the best way to deal with the establishment of the 28 states issued by the Government in Juba” – Taban said.
Gai reiterated that only the leaders of the advance team are going. The rest of the team will remain in hotels in Juba. He also said that there is nothing to fear about the lead team going back since consultation is the best way to deal with “delicate issues such as the formation of 28 states which was not in the agreement”
Gai added that if the leading team managed to get plans tomorrow (Tuesday), they will only spend two days in Pagak for consultations and come back on Thursday.
President Salva Kiir said he didn’t understand the reason why “all the leaders of the advance team” should go back to Pagak, adding its another way of delaying the formation of unity government and backtracking on peace implementation.
After meeting some government officials at his residence yesterday, Salva Kiir said:
“I have heard that the SPLMIO team are going back. I don’t know why they are running back for if they really mean to implement the agreement. If they are going back to stay without coming back, thats fine. If consulting,  consulting on what? i don’t know. What I know is, if they are going back to Pagak so that the 28 decree is revoked, that is not going to happen. They should accept that the agreement should be implemented without touching that issue of 28 states because our people have been yearning for this ever since. its not my demand” – Kiir said.
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