Sunday December 10, 2017

SPLMIO NLC adopts and endorses the IGAD-Plus peace agreement in Pagak


PAGAK – The Liberation Council of the rebels of the SPLM in Opposition unanimously adopted and ratified the recently signed IGAD-Plus comprehensive Peace Agreement on the resolution of South Sudan conflict.
The rebels’ National Liberation Council (NLC), a body comprised of more than 60 military Generals, Governors, Diplomats and MPs convened a meeting today in South Sudan’s remote town of Pagak to deliberate on the acceptance and implementation of the IGAD-Plus peace agreement.
According to the IGAD-Plus peace agreement, warring parties are required to console their bases and ratify the document within 7 days of the signing of the agreement. The government in Juba through their council of ministers endorsed the agreement in a sitting last week. The parliament also endorsed the agreement today as required.

SPLMIO leadership says the ratification of the agreement was late because of logistical challenges and IGAD had to intervene to transport tens of delegates to Pagak.
Among the more than 60 rebels NLC delegate present in the deliberation, no one shown or objected to the agreement which prompted the chairman, Dr Machar to close the agenda as adopted and ratified.



Philip Gual

An Upper Nile State correspondent for The Upper Nile Times. He currently resides in Malakal, Upper Nile State.

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