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SPLMIO HQ in Pagak successfully launched an independent Wi-FI and GSM network today – Spokesman

PAGAK – The leadership of SPLM In Opposition under the chairmanship of Dr Riek Machar Teny has today launched internet services through Wi-fi and GSM phone communication, according to Maj Dickson Gatluak Jock, deputy military spokesman for the SPLMIO.

The network and internet services erected by a company called SKyConT network will be the fasted in the areas controlled by the SPLMIO.
“Wifi and GSM are being launched in Maiwut. I have just come here to do the online training with the resellers and our civilians who will be working as network operators. Those who have smartphones are now enjoying the internet services in Maiwut and all areas of Pagak at a very high speed. This internet and GSM phone services will cover Pagak, Longechuk, Nasir, Malakal, Akobo and other areas under the control of SPLMIO” – Dickson Gatluak said.
Today, hundreds of customers and resellers have been queueing to register themselves online. Dickson said that the network will start as online registration from the IO headquarters for now. But later, physical SIM cards will be issued to civilians in all the areas.
He added that Wi-fi and GSM will use the country code 001 for now until the group have the control over the country and revert back to +211. the code 001 is a country code of the United States, where the network company originates from.
“our people are very happy. they will start to communicate with their loved ones now without hindrance. You can imagine that they have been cut off from the network by the hostile regime of Salva Kiir and his group. Technically, our south Sudanese civilians have been deprived their right of communication by this man. But one at a time, we will give them back their right and freedom of communication by having these networks in place” – Dickson Gatluak confided to the Upper Nile Times while pointing to the registering customers.
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