Sunday December 10, 2017

SPLA – Juba forces’ attack on Fangak continued on for the second day

JONGLEI – The SPLA -Juba faction forces loyal to General Salva Kiir have for the second day attacked Fangak County’s headquarters, Phom el Zeraf on 27 November 2014. The attack is a continuation of the plans to capture the town from the rebels and gain more territories before the peace agreement kicks in, according to SPLM in Opposition sources.

Juba government claimed to have captured the town at 5PM in the evening. SPLM-i-O denied it saying the fight is still raging on while Kiir forces are being pushed back.

Juba forces boastfully claimed that the town was already burned down to rubbles sending civilians in despair towards the bushes and swamps.

SPLM in Opposition rebels strongly condemned the attacks on their position while the peace process is under way and the matrix of cessation of hostilities in effect. They accused IGAD members state of being reluctant to condemn the attacks since Wednesday.

Fangak County is located in northern Jonglei State. the county is southwest of Upper Nile State’s capital, Malakal.


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