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Six killed and a child wounded at Punyido refugee camp in Ethiopia

GAMBELLA – At least three men and a woman from South Sudanese refugees were killed yesterday in Punyido refugee camp in Ethiopia. The incident occurred on Monday in block one where gunmen believed to be from Anyuak tribe who are also the host community around the camp attacked refugees, killed one person in block one.
In response to this, the refugees carried out a revenge attack on one of the Anyuak’s villages nearby and killed two men on the same day.

Yesterday on Wednesday, a passenger bus was attacked on its way from Gambella to Punyido camp killed two men and one woman on board and left one child in critical condition at Hospital which raiseed the death toll to six on both sides, according to Ruach Gach Puoch who speaks to the reporters.
The Ethiopian government responsed by deploying heavy military units in the camp to guard the refugees who are being settle there by UN refugees’ agency or UNHCR. No reaction has surfaced yet from the UN main body about the ongoing insecurity in the camp.


The cause of the incident is not yet established and investigation is still being conducted by both the government and UNHCR.
This is not the first time for refugees to be targeted in Punyido camp. Refugees were also killed in 2004 by Anyuak gunmen about 10 years ago before the South Sudan independent in 2011.
Thousands of South Sudanese refugees who fled the conflict in Upper Nile are now settling in neighboring country of Ethiopia.



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