Tuesday December 12, 2017

Salva Kiir is not interested in peace – Rebel General

President Kiir (file photo)

PAGAK – A rebel general allied to former Vice President Dr Riek Machar has vitriolically attacked the regime of Salva Kiir for “concurrently using a peace flag on the left hand and AK47 on the right.”

General Ochan Puot, an earlier defectee general to the opposition in Western Bhar El Gazal made his remarks on his arrival for rebels conference in Pagak yesterday. He accused Salva Kiir and his Juba faction of using fake peace to confuse the world and not necessarily meaning it. He described the recent Juba-faction consultation as a war strategy and not pure consultation and concessions which was supposed to give peace a chance.

Juba – faction of the South Sudan conflict consulted on Monday on the recent proposals by IGAD on power sharing, and resolved that there will be a Prime Minister appointed by Salva Kiir but without executive powers. The consultations also resolved that there will be no separate armies as stipulated by IGAD proposals, federalism will be done through consultations with the public and Kiir will retain his position as a commander in chief of the two armed forces.

Puot however said, there is no way that the rebels will accept this saying it doesnt demonstrate any commitment for peace. He described the integration of forces as a no go zone.

If Kiir and his groups are really genuine peace makers, they should take this IGAD proposal and our proposal without delays. We have conceded too much and thats because we want peace to come to South Sudanese. And these concessions include our demand for Salva Kiir to step down having killed thousands and thousands of South Sudanese in Juba and agreement to share power with him. Our concessions for the sake of South Sudan have been taken for granted him and his group. We will not move and further and concede something else, Gen Puot said.

Puot also described the recent attacks on Fangak and Phow of Jonglei as Juba government’s ways of bringing peace.

Look, after we decide to just hold on to ceasefire, Salva Kiir troops decided to go and attack our positions in Fangak and other areas. You cannot carry a white peace flag on your left hand and AK47 on the right. That cannot work.– Puot added.

Rebels leadership are to convene this week in the Upper Nile border town of Pagak to deliberate on the IGAD peace proposals and the ways forward for South Sudan. The deliberation pushed the resumption of the peace talks to unknown date. SPLM-i-O leader, Dr Riek Machar is trying to convince varous rebel generals to accept a power sharing deal proposed by IGAD in Addis Ababa. A convincing he once termed as tough sales to his group as some generals still demand Salva Kiir to step down or be forced out militarily.



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  • Bentiu Son

    What a political and military gimmicky for tyranny regime of Salva Kiir? Where is noisy US Secretary of State John Kerry position about this violation of COH? Why they often point their useless figures on our gallantry freedom fighters when response to offensives of genocidal regime under incompetent and Yoweri Museveni’s puppet Salva Kiir and his crook cabinet?

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