Thursday December 14, 2017

Report: Opposition fighters did not capture the entire parts of Ayod

JONGLEI – South Sudan’s rebels fighter claimed on Friday the recapture of Jonglei State’s Ayod headquarter from the Juba forces after “an intensive fighting that lasted 8 hours” according to one of the rebels Generals in Fangak.
That report however was disputed by the acting governor of the Pow State who earlier this morning told the Upper Nile Times that most of the areas were cleared a part from the county town center. The governor also disclosed that the Juba forces in the town center of Ayod are just there without any expected reinforcement because main routes leading to Ayod are closed down by the opposition fighters including the airport.
The fighting in Ayod is another escalation of violence betweent he warring parties after the clashes by the parties in Upper Nile State.
Salva Kiir of the Juba faction ordered his troops to go on offensive “to flush the rebels out of their territories” in his recent speech at a youth conference in Juba.
Opposition fighters too seem to be ignited and ready to face a longer civil war in the world’s newest country.



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