Tuesday December 12, 2017

Released Journalist accused security operatives of acting to destroy the country despite Kiir effort for peace

NAIROBI – A former reporter for the New Nation Newspaper in Juba, Mr Nyuon Ruai has blatantly squared a blame on the security operatives for sending the country into bloodbath and tribal animosity despite Salva Kiir’s effort to unite tribal factions in the country.
Nyuon Ruai in his first conversation with media outlets after his release in Juba where he was tortured by security personnels allied to the government said that if it was not his friends who struggled to let him released, he would have been killed because he’s Nuer.

The 11st of November was my darkest day after returning from exile in Kenya after fleeing the country due to that violence that led into ethnic cleansing.
The issue of asking what is your name (E yin chol nga) has become the major subject from security personnel. I was kidnapped after visiting my former workmates from the New Nation office where I use to be a reporter.
Lucky enough, my colleagues gave me great welcome in which one of them escorted me toward the main road where I was suppose to board a public vehicle to take me back to where I was residing. Ruai said.

Ruai said that he was intimidated to the point of being asked if he holds any post from rebels movement while he was away.

“Imagine, the security personnels accused me of being part of the rebel movement, torturing me to accept being a military officer. when i declined to accept all their accusations, their leader instructed to have me beaten to uncountable slashes.” he added.

Ruai also took the opportunity to thank a contingent of colleagues and friends who helped him released.

“I cannot have this opportunity and go without thanking Peter Moi, Jok Solomon and lady Juan for hardly Participating to secure my release. Thank to Jok, a Dinka colleague who asked that general of how many Dinkas men went together with Riek Machar. Jok maintained his position despite being slapped by the body guard of that general who shouted: “how can you support Nuer who killed you in 1991”? – Nyuon added

Ruai has sought refuge in Nairobi having seen Juba unwelcoming for him and members of his tribe.



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