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Rebels refute claims of instigating clashes in Nasir on Sunday

Addis Ababa – Rebels group allied to former Vice President, Dr Riek Machar have on Monday dismissed government accusations of attacking Nasir on Sunday. The allegations surfaced on Sunday After Salva kiir arrived from a US. Kiir said that the government’s position came under attack by forces loyal to Dr Riek but they have been subsequently repulsed. He however threatened that if the rebels continue to “violate” the ceasefire, he will be left with nothing but to pursue rebels in their locations around the country.

Kiir’s claims was backed by his Minister of Information, Mr Michael Makuei Lueth who on Sunday evening came out on SSTV and denounce “double rebels attacks” on government position in Nasir.

However, rebels spokesman, Brig.Gen. Lul Ruai Kong rubbishes the government claims saying it was “baseless and a reversed version of the reality on the ground.”

Lul claimed that the government forces attempted to advance to rebels position in Ketbek, a village 2 Km southeast of Nasir, so as to make more military gains and take food from civilians.

“The government forces were driven back to Nasir in line with Resistance Movement’s Containment Policy of preventing loyalists from making more territorial gains beyond Bentiu, Ayod, Malakal and Nasir town centers. It’s worth reminding the world that Kiir’s unruly tribal army plans to make more territorial gains before a comprehensive peace agreement is signed.” – Gen Lul said.

Both sides of the conflict so far have been trading blames of who caused and broke the May ceasefire with UN and western countries continuing to threat with sanctions who might be found responsible.


The Upper Nile Times

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