Tuesday December 12, 2017

President Museveni met SPLM in Opposition delegation

SPLM delegation meeting Museveni in Kampala (PHOTO: Mabior Garang)

KAMPALA – Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has on Thursday met with the senior officials of the SPLM in Opposition to discuss peaceful means to resolve the conflict in South Sudan. The meeting organised by the Ugandan presidency through its Ugandan Peace Support initiative is one of the series of meetings arranged by the Ugandan government to ensure that crisis in South Sudan be settled quickly.

The meeting according to the SPLM spokesperson Mabior Garang de Mabior, was succesful as planed. Mabior has described the new peace efforts by the Government of Uganda as a last minute changes of gear from their previous dealings with the government in Juba.

He said that prospects for peace must be explored through all the venues. Mabior said his group appreciated the effort done by the Uganda’s Peace Support headed by Gen. Salim Saleh and his team.

The meeting is concurrently taking place with the rebel’s consultative meeting in Pagak. The meeting with Museveni is arranged by the two bodies to provide a conducive environment for the upcoming meeting between Dr Riek Machar and President Museveni.

The SPLM in Opposition team is led by the rebels’ deputy, Gen. Afred Ladu Gore. Dr. Dhiew Mathok, Mabior Garanga de Mabior, Amb. Otim David and Col. Elijah Tut Jock completed the delegation.

The Uganda Peace Support team is led by Gen. Salim Saleh and includes Sagal Abram Emong  , Amb. Busho Ndinyenka ,  Dr. Arthur Byamugisha , Comrade Ndiwalana Herbert ,  Aziz Buwedeewo  and Major F. Chalo Achaye



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