Wednesday December 13, 2017

Oxfam Warn of Food Crisis in South Sudan During Dry Season


NAIROBI – Aid Agency, Oxfam International has warned of a looming food crisis in south Sudan in this coming dry season where millions of people are displaced by the ongoing conflict.

In response to the release of the latest Integrated Phase Classification (IPC), Oxfam South Sudan Country Director Zlatko Gegic said that south Sudanese people are still at risk of food crisis in this coming dry season.

“These latest figures on food security demonstrate that South Sudan is still in jeopardy. The classification has stayed at a serious point for a number of months,” Gegic says.

He also blamed the delay in delivering aid to the affected people in various locations on poor infrastructures in the country.

“Getting food to where it is needed is extremely hard” he added.

Zlatko reiterated that, the agency is working hard now to ensure that, all preparations are underway before the situation get worse in the mid of this year.

“We are seriously concerned that a lack of food may peak in May and June reaching emergency levels. If we wait until then, it may be too late. The situation has improved in some areas due to enormous humanitarian efforts in providing aid, but other regions are getting worse and people cannot safely access aid because of fighting,” He says.

Gegic also unveiled a plan that aid agencies need at least more than half a million dollars by the end of this month in order to reach all the affected people during the dry season.

“By the end of February, US$600 million is needed to take advantage of the dry season when more people can be reached by road, and supplies prepositioned for the rest of the year. This will help us save more lives,” he disclosed.

Zlatko called upon the government of South Sudan and rebel factions to find a lasting peace solution to end the suffering of the people of South Sudan instead of relying on relief.

“The only way to end the violence and suffering of the people of South Sudan is by reaching a lasting peace deal. We appeal to all parties to the conflict to deliver on their promises.” Gegic added.


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