Tuesday December 12, 2017

Organisations warn of more consequences, should South Sudan conflict continue in 2015

South Sudaneses refugees at Kule 1 refugee camp in Gambella, Ethiopia, some of 400,000 who have already fled from South Sudan to neighbouring countries (Credit: The Upper Nile Times)


NAIROBI – local organizations warned that if the world continues to be silence about south Sudan conflict, things will lead to more devastation and loss of more human lives while the country will fall into an abyss from which it will take decades to recover.


While addressing panelists in Nairobi to mark the first anniversary when the conflict erupted on Dec 15 last year, the Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), Edmund Yakani deplored the ongoing conflict, citing that it will take decades for the people of South Sudan to recover and return to normal state with trust amongst each other.


“It’s hard to believe we’re in an even darker place than before independence. It will take decades for South Sudan to recover and heal. But first the fighting has to stop. There is no peace through the barrel of a gun – the only solution to this crisis is a political one” said Edmund Yakani.


The civil society organizations accused the international body for not putting enough pressure on the warring parties to end the bloodshed.

Anyieth D’ Awol of the Root Project said that, the world doesn’t care about who die and how many they are.

“No one is even recording the official death toll. But people have been keeping their own lists. Reading the names we’ve managed to collect on the radio today is one way we can remember and honour the thousands of innocent men, women and children who should still be alive.”  Awol elaborated.


Wani Mathias of the South Sudan Law Society called on African Union’s Commission of Enquiry to speed up their investigation and hold accountable whoever committed human right violation on the warring parties.


“We are hoping the Commission’s report will include strong recommendations for justice, accountability, reconciliation and healing. South Sudan needs to stop the cycles of violence and begin to tackle the root causes so there can be lasting peace”, said Wani Mathias .


Meanwhile church leaders warned of grave consequences if the war continues in the country. Rev. Both Reath Luang said, risk of famine is eminent since people cannot cultivate because they left their farmlands which is their economic livelihood.


“If the war continues, we will be on the brink of famine. If the fighting doesn’t kill our children, there’s a real risk that the food crisis will. Famine will tip us over the edge. We cannot endure another year of war, bloodshed and hunger. We just want to raise our families in the peace and security we dreamed independence would bring.” He said.


The local Organization appealed to the international community to put more pressure on both side to find a solution to end the conflict that has killed thousands of people and displaced millions of others.



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