Tuesday December 12, 2017

NGOs Provided New Shelters to South Sudanese IDPS


BOR – At least 2,500 internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Jonglei State have received new shelters from the Catholic Relief Service (CRS) with the assistance from the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance.

The IDPs were given the new tents in the town of Kalthok and Yolakot in the nearby Lakes state where they sought refuge when fighting intensified in Bor town between the government forces and rebel group.

Under the Strengthening Resilience project, funded by the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) supported families with hygiene, household and shelter kits so they could build temporary homes.

But this was not enough to encounter the harsh climatic condition in Jonglei where large part of the state is swampy and always remained wet in most part of the year.

Since May, through the Internally Displaced People Shelter Response project funded by the Crisis Humanitarian Fund, CRS has been helping families build sturdier housing. The robust shelters use locally available materials and the design preferences of the displaced communities.

CRS had also trained local people in construction in order to help build homes with tarps, wood and bamboo poles using cross-bracing techniques that withstand high winds and rain.

Ayen Garang, one of the beneficiaries with her four children explained that, with the new project, their lives have drastically changed since they will no longer suffer from the brunt of diseases and other effect of natural weather. Ayen said that they have had difficult situation in the bush during the past months because of disturbances from reptiles and other wild animals since they live in open spaces.

“I had difficulties in the recent past when I was living in the bush. Snakes and other dangerous animals disturbed me with my children,” she says. Ayen expressed her gratitude to the organisation, saying that she will now start a new life after months of suffering in the bush without shelter. “I am happy to have received this great help from CRS,” says Ayen. “My house is good and the space is relatively enough for us.” She added.

Water-borne diseases are other factors of concern including malaria since the IDPs live in wet places that are prone to mosquitoes during rainy season. “I and my children had been suffering from coldness at night as well as from mosquito bites because we sleep without net,” she says.

In their new project, the organisation also provided the families with sleeping materials and other household items such as CRS-branded jerry cans, buckets and basins.

Since conflict started in mid-December, government troops and rebel forces were severely engaged in counter attacks to take control of the town until when it fall into the hand of the government forces with the assistant of Uganda’s UPDF.

This has resulted into the displacement of thousands of people from their homes to either UNMISS Camps and or other neighboring states such as Lakes state.


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