Tuesday December 12, 2017

Machar agrees to hybrid “impartial” court setup

PAGAK – South Sudan’s former Vice President and leader of the rebels SPLM in Opposition, Dr Riek Machar has echoed a call by the US secretary of state, John Kerry who in an exclusive interview with Eye Radio on Monday disclosed that US has setup a $5 million dollar plan to have an hybrid court setup to try the perpetrators of the conflict in South Sudan.
Kerry in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, appealed to other countries in the west to help US set up a court to provide justice for the victims of the South Sudan crisis.

“We believe that the terrible atrocious things that are happening to people, the rapes, the killings, the disappearances the level of violence is really you know questionably a violation of the law of warfare..In very practical terms, I announce today that we are putting five million dollars into the effort to develop a justice and accountability system for what is happening in South Sudan,” Kerry said.

Machar agrees to the hybrid court but urged that such court should be impartial and credible. At his military base in Pagak, Adar State (new established state of SPLM-i-O), Machar said that his group are not afraid of being tried.

“In fact we are the only ones calling every since for the international bodies to look at the atrocities committed in South Sudan. Anything that provide justice to the victim of the recent massacre is welcomed” He said.



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