Monday December 11, 2017

Killer of Governor Matur Chut’s brother to be hanged in a week

Rumbek – The alleged suspect in the killing of Paramount Chief Apareer Chut is bound to be executed in about a week, a complete change from the two weeks provided by judges in Rumbek court to allow for appeal.
Dok Maker Mabor was convicted of killing governor Matur Chut’s brother and has been in jail since until the judges deliberated on his case this week. He was initially allowed to appeal his case in two weeks but after interventions by groups allied to the governor Matur, the decision was overturned and the convict and his team are told to appeal in a week or the execution will go a head as planned. Mabor is sentenced to public hanging.
Paramount chief Apareer Chut representing three chieftaincies of the Athoi clans of Rumbek East County was killed earlier this year.
Lakes State is struggling with lawlessness and caretaker governor Matur is accused of lynching opponents and clans leaders seen as vocal to his authoritative rule.



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