Monday December 11, 2017

Juba forces plan a coordinated attack on opposition strongholds in Nhialdiu and Maiwut

BENTIU – A reliable source from the Ministry of defence told this news paper this morning that the government troops are on the move to make twins attacks in Unity state and Upper Nile.
According to source, SPLA soldiers from Bor and Juba are loaded on baots and ships to go to Port Adok in Leer county to make an attack behind the Southern part of unity state and move towards Nhaial Diu-Militry base for the SPLA/IO forces in Northern part of State.
The forces are said to be going through Chambek and then to Tany-yaaar where they would join Nile river to make it through and precede direct to port Adook, said the close sources.
The other troops are coming from North West through Mayom county and then to Kaljaak where they would breakthrough to Nhail Diu qiuckly.
In another development, the government troops are also on the move from Da-jooh in order to launch attacks on Maiwut and Pagak through Kigile.

“They are now assembling in Dajo and inorder to proceed to Maiwut, whioch is belived to be the main interest of the governmet so as to capture Pagak millitry GHQS for SPLA -IO, East of Uppernile region near Ethiopia border” said Kharim Ochan from Khartoum (Sudan) on behalf of the SPLM-i-O spokesperson.

The main aim of the Juba government for the attack is to disrupt the leadership meeting of SPLM-i-O which is schedulef to take place in this month in Pagak,Ethiopia border.
The office of SPLA’ spoke person in opposition confirm the report and said, their forces on the ground are in a high alert of any attack from the government both In Upper Nile and Unity states respectively.



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