Tuesday December 12, 2017

IO blames the government in Juba for the mass ambush on Nimule – Juba road – Spokesman

Bith Jonathan


YEI – South Sudan’s armed opposition allied to the former Vice President Dr Riek Machar squarely blames the regime in Juba for the recent ambush carried out on convoy of civilians and government soldiers on Juba -Nimule road, according to the opposition’s deputy spokesman.

On the 8th of June, a convoy carrying civilians escorted by an heavily armed SPLA united fall in the ambush of opposition forces along the Nimule-Juba highway. dozens were killed including high ranking military officials allied to the regime in Juba.

According to the Opposition’s deputy spokesman , Col Lam Paul Gabriel, the civilians should not have used a road that was already declared a “war zone since fighting has been raging in the same area for the last months”

We regret the deaths of civilians caught in crossfire but we strongly feel that the government forces is using civilians as human shield and to vindicate our forces for wrong doing. these civilians were sent to harms way by the regime because they know that that particular road is a war zone and has been closed off by our forces. we hold the government responsible for the death of any civilian killed in that ambush. The government forces fear to go on that road on their own so they have been using civilians to go with them. we therefore warn the civilians to dissist from traveling along Nimule-Juba road.

– Paul Gabriel.

There has been sporadic deaths along Juba-Nimule road and Juba-Bor roads since the war began in December 2013 with both sides accusing each other of the attacks. However, the rebel opposition along the Nimule road took the responsibility for this particular incident saying that the targets was actually the government troops and not the civilians.


Bith Jonathan

Bith Jonathan is an award-winning journalist and columnist. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mass media and journalism from the prestigious kenyan school of mass media.

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